Finding Legal Counsel

Legal counsel is needed for many personal and commercial matters. Not many people manage to get through life without needing legal counsel at least once. So whatever the reason, here is some advice on finding legal counsel. Ask for referrals, and talk to others, whether that be your neighbour, work Continue Reading

What is a barrister?

A barrister is a form of a lawyer who specialises in courtroom assistance, drafting legal cases and, last but not least, expert opinion. Barristers usually work in chambers within the court. A barrister differs from solicitors. Solicitors do most of their legal work within a law firm and have direct Continue Reading

What is a civil case?

A civil case is a court case that involves a dispute between either people or businesses, usually regarding a money or injury dispute. Suppose a person or company believes that another person or business has caused them any injury, damage to reputation or financial loss. In that case, this could Continue Reading