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Choosing a family lawyer to deal with your divorce

Divorcing your husband or wife can be a difficult time for many, and dealing with the law side of it all can be very overwhelming and stress full. Choosing the right family lawyer suitable for your personal case is essential. Find a lawyer that is happy to listen and take on board your needs and […]

Choosing the right Law School

It’s important to weigh up your options when you’re choosing a law school, and there are many factors you may want to consider before you come to your decision. Location Though not necessarily the most important aspect, it is still important. You need to think about where you want to live in the future because […]

Choosing a career as a defence lawyer

Like any other careers, learning to be a defence lawyer requires a lot of focus and commitment to achieve success. If you’re considering studying to be a defence lawyer it’s important that you begin your studies with an undergraduate level. Studying lessons that will highlight your strong skills in reading, writing as well as your […]

The Business Rescue and Recovery

You’re all busy people managing the day to day challenge of trying to grow your business, the very last way you’re likely to want to spend time is contemplating what you would do if things go wrong. Most business people certainly don’t run their enterprise by focusing endlessly on the nature of business bankruptcy or […]

Steps to pursue a career in law

Like any profession, a career in law calls for a lot of consideration if you are to become a successful law practitioner. It is one of those careers that is not only fun but also plays an important role in society as it mainly deals with the execution of the law. It is a profession […]

Civil Law: Reasons why you shouldn’t avoid making a will

Making a will is importance to your family members. It may appear like a small omission but not making a will can cause problems for remaining family members in the unfortunate event that you die. It’s not just rich people that are required to make a will, you should divide your assets no matter how […]

Freelance Design – Copyright Law

If you’re a freelance designer then you’ll probably be well aware of the laws regarding copyright. To summarise briefly, your work has to be easily distinguishable as your own effort and not somebody else’s. For example, a design with an orange outline with a bite mark out of it (similar to Apple’s but an orange […]

Starting a Business in the UK – Initial Legal Implications

When you’re planning on starting up a new business in the UK, it’s important to make sure you have a good understanding on the basic legal requirements. Depending on the product you plan to develop and sell (if any), you may want to read up about trademarks, copyrights and patents. As an example, a trademark […]

Legal proceedings and social media

Social media has taken the world by storm in recent years and it’s certainly impacted upon the law. When a court case is in progress it’s normal for people to be commenting on it, tweeting about it and building up publicity (without the help of the press). This means that jurors opinions could be biased […]

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