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Do lawyers need to be good at maths?

One of the first questions that come up in Google relating to becoming a lawyer is the question “Do lawyers need to be good at maths?” The answer to this question is actually quite simple; no, you don’t need to be good at mathematics. You do, however, need excellent analytical skills. Don’t get us wrong, being […]

PPI Cold Calls

We’ve all had those calls where you’re told you can claim your mis-sold PPI. They’ll tell you it’s ‘no win no fee’, but a lot of these calls are actually nonsense. It’s hard to work out genuine calls from fake, but here are the facts. If you did not ever get a loan with PPI […]

Law gap years

The words ‘law’ and ‘gap year’ don’t tend to be used in the same sentence, until now! With many youngsters looking to carve a successful career as a lawyer, firms are offering opportunities to earn some money by undertaking work experience. Some young students move from firm to firm throughout the course of a year, […]

Writing a will: The basics

Writing a will can be very complicated and that’s why there are professionals to help you. You should only write your will yourself if your wishes are very simple, for example, if you’re married and want to leave everything to your husband or wife, or if they die before you and you want to leave […]

What is a Notary?

I recently applied for my working holiday visa in Australia for it to be approved hours later. My girlfriend who is a nurse, however, had a lot of work to do before she could have her application processed. Once she’d gathered all of her relevant identification documents and pages of work history at hospitals in […]

Why Somebody would want to Pursue a Criminal Injustice in Civil Court

Recently, one of the stand-out legal cases has been the case of Kesha, a music artist, bringing a civil suit against her record label, with claims of rape. While we are totally avoiding the minefield of discussions of rape, the case also brings up interesting questions about why somebody would want to try a case […]

Taking Advantage of Tax Policy

Taking Advantage of Tax Policy

Tax policy is something which engenders a lot resentment in the public, as those who seem to take advantage of the loopholes most readily are the multi-national corporations and the top 1%, but these loopholes are there for everybody to use; it just so happens to be the case that most businesses fail in this […]

Right to Privacy

The right to privacy is an important part of any civil society. People who are interested in the discussion surrounding this issue tend to discuss it within the confines of how it effects individuals, but  the impact of a system of governance and regulation which provides little by way of privacy is actually far more […]

What Differentiates Professions from other Career Paths?

What are known as professions; Solicitors, Doctors, Accountants, as a few examples, differ from other career paths in a number of ways. Anybody who has studied to be an accredited professional will know that a big part of it is the organised education and qualification requirements to get to that point, but besides this there […]

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