Practising in this jurisdiction requires an absolute commitment to family law. As a hot political topic, there is continued pressure on government and legislators from various lobby groups to make changes to the legislation and regulations relating to child support, children’s issues, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, superannuation, tax, the involvement of third parties and there are frequent changes in the Courts approach from new case law. Also, in most peoples view, part of the expertise you are “buying” must include knowledge of the Court process, the most effective mediators, the best counsellors, the premier family law barristers, and best business valuers. That expertise must include an intimate understanding of the judges of the Court, their preferences, and the means by which the best outcomes are achieved before them.

You need to try to seek a balance. Too many people go with the cheaper hourly rate not thinking that what a specialist family lawyer can do in 3 or 4 hours may take the “cheaper by the hour”non-specialist 8 or 10 hours to do.