Legal counsel is needed for many personal and commercial matters. Not many people manage to get through life without needing legal counsel at least once. So whatever the reason, here is some advice on finding legal counsel.

Ask for referrals, and talk to others, whether that be your neighbour, work colleagues, or family. Law firms can go out of their way to promote, but the best promotion is always word of mouth.

Do an internet search. In the UK, there is that offers some tips, including contacting The Law Society (different branches for England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland).

You’ll need to make sure you’re choosing the correct counsel for the area of expertise. Law has many different practice areas, including Criminal, Conveyancing, Tax, Family, Employment and Business. 

Choosing the right type of legal firm is important, depending on your case. If you are looking for personal and specialised care, then a single-person company would be better, whereas if your case is more complex, a large-scale firm might be the way to go.