By this point everyone throughout the UK should be aware of PPI, the scandal, the PPI lawyers, and the potential for people who got a loan with PPI coverage within the last 15 years to get a significant refund. What people may not be aware of yet though, is how much work is actually involved in making a claim, i.e, not much.

Most people, when they decide to make a PPI claim, will immediately go to one of the highly advertised law firms which specialise in claims of this nature. This is their first mistake, as all of the work that they’ll have to put into collecting the information for their case for their lawyers is pretty much all of the work that goes into the whole claim. Once all of the relevant contracts, payment details and communications with the creditor have been gathered, which has to do whether you’re doing it yourself or paying lawyers to do it, all that’s left to do is to send that information along with a letter to your creditors. Creditors rarely dispute a PPI claim, so so long as your case has merit you’ll get your refund.