The words ‘law’ and ‘gap year’ don’t tend to be used in the same sentence, until now! With many youngsters looking to carve a successful career as a lawyer, firms are offering opportunities to earn some money by undertaking work experience. Some young students move from firm to firm throughout the course of a year, also known as law gap years. Generally, these run for about eight or nine months and you won’t just be the water boy or sandwich maker either. You’ll work on real projects with lawyers and trainees and will be given mentoring and feedback too. A law gap year is a chance to develop the important skills that will help you become a top lawyer in the future. Teamwork, research skills, attention to detail are skills that all top quality lawyers and solicitors possess and you’ll be able to beat your competition by undertaking a law gap year before your really tough studies get underway. You’ll also get to work in different towns and cities, widening your knowledge of the working world.