Tax policy is something which engenders a lot resentment in the public, as those who seem to take advantage of the loopholes most readily are the multi-national corporations and the top 1%, but these loopholes are there for everybody to use; it just so happens to be the case that most businesses fail in this area.

Any and every business can potentially save large sums of money if they employ somebody with a better understanding of the tax system and how to organise tax payments. Outsourcing for these skills is also possible by hiring a corporate lawyer and/or accountant, who will have a lot of experience in tax matters.

An interesting case of small businesses taking advantage of tax policies is an entire community of businesses in a Welsh village, Crickhowell, becoming offshore enterprises. This is a great example of how businesses can benefit by taking advantage of loopholes, as each of these small businesses can now avoid massive payments in corporation tax.