If you’re a big company or a rich individual, then the chances are that you’re going to have some experience with the law. Whether it is with ratifying a contract, or dealing with a legal suit, lawyers are a necessity. If your demands are large enough, then the temptation could be to hire your own in-house lawyer to deal with your legal requirements, but this has its pros and cons when you compare it to hiring a big law firm.

Hiring a law firm means that you have access to a large number of experienced lawyers and legal experts, while hiring a lawyer to work in-house limits you to just one. You may also need to hire a para-legal to assist a lawyer, showing you how quickly the costs of developing your own legal team can be.

A law firm, particularly law firms, will develop in such a way that they can be a one stop shop for people who regularly need legal services, providing expertise and representation for family matters, criminal, civil and corporate law.