A lot of people ask how and why the legal profession is divided up into so many different groups. The answer to this question is simply because the legal apparatus that legal professionals have to operate in is simply too complicated for any single person to learn, and specialisation is the natural solution to this problem. What we (those acquiring their services) get in return is simply a better, more informed service.

Taking all of these facts about the situation on board, working as a litigator is one of the broadest professions with the legal sector. This is because a litigator is fundamentally a negotiator; they litigate lawsuits, both criminal and civil, in courtrooms. While other lawyers may be more familiar with reviewing legal documents for loopholes, litigators fight in your corner during legal proceedings.

Despite this, someone who says that they want to hire a litigator, mostly just mean that they want to hire a lawyer. This is because even those who do litigate do so in their own specific areas, such as civil, criminal and corporate law. Those who work in the various legal fields will typically have some experience with litigation, and those who don’t are actually in the minority in the profession.