A barrister is a form of a lawyer who specialises in courtroom assistance, drafting legal cases and, last but not least, expert opinion. Barristers usually work in chambers within the court.

A barrister differs from solicitors. Solicitors do most of their legal work within a law firm and have direct contact with the client. The client hires solicitors.

A Barrister is rarely hired directly but instead instructed by the solicitor to represent their client in court. 

Barristers will also give legal advice to a solicitor and clients, translate the clients’ issues into legal terminology, and represent them in court.  A Barrister will also put together court documentation, cross-examine witnesses and review evidence.

The role of a Barrister is critical, and they undertake additional training to become a barrister.  They must also complete one year’s worth of shadowing a qualified barrister before handling any cases of their own.