Why Are Power of Attorneys So Important?

Many people are quite unaware of the great importance of having a Power of Attorney drawn up for your closest family member. No one really wants to consider the possibility of being in a situation where they are unable to make decisions for themselves, however these things happen on occasion and could make things very difficult for your family members. It is very important to have a plan in place for this possibility because without a PoA, there is no one that automatically has the right to make decisions on your behalf.

This tends to come as a shock to many people, as it is usually assumed that a spouse or close family member would automatically be given this right, but this is not the case unless you have given them legal authority through a PoA. In the case there is not PoA, family members can appeal to be granted these powers but the process is long and expensive. It typically costs around £2,000 and requires a court hearing.

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